Complaint and Discovery Drafts

From the pre-pleading stage, on to drafting complaints and discovery, LRSolutions is an effective answer for law firms and solos in all jurisdictions. For cause of action research, you provide the facts and we evaluate potential causes of action prior to the complaint stage. When you are ready for a complaint, LRSolutions can draft a high level complaint ready for filing. The complaint will utilize your facts and contain the relevant causes of action.

LRSolutions can also draft a comprehensive discovery package for your case. Discovery packages include request for production of documents, request for admissions, and interrogatories. If the opposition isn’t forthcoming with their response, we can draft a motion to compel.

By combining the experience and practical skills of our senior research attorneys with the expertise of our network, LRSolutions is able to create a very high quality complaint and discovery work product for manageable fixed prices. LRSolutions’ senior research attorneys have an average of 25 years practice experience/research and brief writing experience.

If you would like to get started with a complaint or discovery draft project, please contact us or submit a project request.