Custom Online Compliance Training

LRSolutions partnership with LogicBay a leading provider of customized e-learning solutions for Fortune 1000 companies provides corporate counsel and compliance officers with a comprehensive, high-level, customized online legal compliance program. Our partnership with LogicBay allows us to combine our expert legal network with world class e-learning, channel, and design/technology experts.

Effective compliance and ethics training for your employees has become an essential tool to proactively reduce your company’s risk and litigation costs. In these days of heightened awareness of corporate misconduct, your company’s compliance program is certain to come under scrutiny by prosecutors when a violation occurs. The best way to be protected under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines is with a top-notch legal compliance and ethics program.

Distance learning is the only logical way to train a large, diverse, national workforce. Online learning allows your entire workforce to be trained in the most effective, efficient and engaging manner. With so many employees in so many locations, it is impossible to train your workforce in an effective manner, while using traditional methods. Obviously, with so much at stake, it is critical to develop the most effective solution possible. The technology available today ensures that your compliance program will likely be judged on a “state of the art” basis, meaning that a failure to take advantage of the tools available might open your company to unnecessary risk.

Through the strength of our legal network of experts, customized online compliance courses are available in all legal subject areas. Additionally, off the shelf courses are available for: Insider Trading, Sarbanes-Oxley/Regulation BTR, Protecting Confidential Information, Document Retention, Conflicts of Interest and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Companies interested in learning more or receiving an exciting demonstration of any developed courses may contact us. We will also travel to your corporate headquarters to meet directly with you and provide a live demonstration.