Appellate Briefs and Evaluation

LRSolutions has vast experience writing appellate briefs at every level of appeal, including state and federal. Our appellate service for corporate counsel includes record/transcript review, issue framing, legal research and drafting an appellate brief. By combining the experience and practical skills of our senior research attorneys with the expertise of our network, LRSolutions is able to create a very high quality appellate brief in all jurisdictions for manageable fixed prices. LRSolutions’ senior research attorneys have an average of 25 years practice experience/research and brief writing experience. They also have excellent academic credentials. Our legal network includes many of the nation’s most prolific legal thinkers.

We also offer an appellate evaluation service. For a fraction of the total cost for actually writing the brief, we will prepare a written report, evaluating potential errors of the lower court and the probable merits of the case. Our report will provide in detail the arguments that we need to make on your behalf. The report will rank the appeal, ranging from strong probability for success to very weak probability for success. This allows you to make an educated decision, prior to actually making a full commitment.

The appellate evaluation service and our fixed pricing model, enable you to combine cost certainty with knowledge of your appellate strengths and weaknesses.

If you would like to get started with an appellate brief/evaluation project, please contact us or submit a project request.