International Legal Research

LRSolutions’ legal network extends to global attorneys, including U.S. based foreign – trained lawyers. Many are U.S. law professors, foreign law professors, and attorneys in U.S. and foreign law firms. Countries around the world are covered, allowing clients access to important legal knowledge in remote locations. Of course, international projects are handled with the same degree of quality control as domestic projects.

By combining the experience and practical skills of our senior research attorneys with the expertise of our international network, LRSolutions is able to create a very high quality work product for manageable fixed prices. LRSolutions’ senior research attorneys have an average of 25 years practice experience/research and brief writing experience. They also have excellent academic credentials. Our legal network includes many of the nation’s most prolific legal thinkers. This unique process allows LRSolutions to bring efficiency, speed, high quality, and reasonable fixed cost, resulting in ultimate value for the client. The fixed price remains in effect unless the project scope is changed. This is LRSolutions’ advantage.

If you would like to get started with an international legal research project, please contact us or submit a project request.