Custom Multi-jurisdictional Surveys

LRSolutions’ multi-jurisdictional surveys enable Fortune 1000 corporate counsel and compliance officers to reduce risk/liability in areas such as corporate policy or identify the best markets for expansion, best business decisions, or product development based on state laws and regulations. In short, corporate counsel can practice law proactively rather than reactively. Multistate surveys generally report and analyze statutes, regulations, and case law related to specific legal topics, state by state. We encourage cost sharing where feasible and appropriate to further reduce costs.

By combining the experience and practical skills of our senior research attorneys with the expertise of our network, LRSolutions is able to create a very high quality multi-jurisdictional survey work product for manageable fixed prices. LRSolutions’ senior research attorneys have an average of 25 years practice experience/research and brief writing experience. They also have excellent academic credentials. Our legal network includes many of the nation’s most prolific legal thinkers. This unique process allows LRSolutions to bring efficiency, speed, high quality, and reasonable fixed cost, resulting in ultimate value for the client. The fixed price remains in effect unless the project scope is changed. This is LRSolutions’ advantage.

LRSolutions’ expert legal network includes partners in established law firms, attorney consultants in boutique firms, former corporate in-house counsel and law professors. Our network is truly impressive, covering a broad array of substantive areas of law. The involvement of the network expert does vary of course, depending on the complexity and specialization of the case, the timeframe required and your budget.

LRSolutions provides expertise and high-quality management in addition to fixed prices agreed to prior to commencement of the multijurisdictional survey project. This allows the client to predict and manage legal costs more effectively. All the risk of time and cost overruns is shifted to LRSolutions, and away from the client.

If you would like to get started with a custom multi-jurisdictional survey project, please contact us or submit a project request.